Това е уникална услуга

LED Screen

LED screen with running texts especially for you – this is an excellent chance to attract thousands of views to your offer, product or restaurant!

Това е уникална услуга

LED board

A wide range of colors and video effects to choose from, …

Това е уникална услуга

LED passing text

…. to differentiate your ad from the general information flow, to make it unique for your potential customers

Това е уникална услуга

LED boards for transport

…. for informing passengers about the route and the stops

LED boards “flowing text” LED for trucks and cars ……

Made in EU
All colors and sizes
Show instead of speak!

LED screens (board, passing text)

LED panels with passing texts are a dynamic electronic board that reflects the information according to a predefined program. In addition to the text, the electronic board can also play: time and date (standard option), images (standard option), animation (standard option), video materials (for full-color boards), current air temperature (additional option).

It is very important:

  • easy to program – (you can when you want to change the text from the dashboard and add a new one in its place);
  • no computer is required for display operation;
  • easy to install – (you can place it wherever you want, it is light and only needs power and of course it is in an attractive place so that it catches the eye!);
  • bright light.

Five advantages of LED boards:


1. Practicality

Ability to work in a wide temperature range from – 40 to +45 (protection class – IP54)


2. Ease of management

The information displayed on the dashboard can be changed independently


3. Economy

Insignificant energy consumption for one module – 25 W, with average – 10 W.


4. Ergonomics

Size of 1 module – 32×16 cm, with a body thickness of 9 cm


5. Price

Price and individual choice of sizes and types of LED modules

Types of LED screens depending on the broadcast colors:

  • monochrome (red, green, white, yellow, blue);
  • bicolor (combinations of red-green, red-blue, etc.);
  • color (full color, RGB).


Supported playback formats:

  • text (with imposition of different animations);
  • images (jpg, png);
  • animation (gif);
  • video (avi, mp4, mov).

The electronic board is a prefabricated construction of LED modules. Standard dimensions of the modules: 320mm x 160mm, 256mm x 256mm, 160mm x 160mm (LxW).

Depending on the size of the modules, there are standard font sizes for transient text, electronic boards, video screens (960mm x 320mm, 1280mm x 160mm, 1280mm x 320mm, etc.). The most common standard module size is 320mm x 160mm. The size of the panel is calculated as follows: the number of modules x module size + box thickness (4 cm).

Other features of LED screens

Color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, R1G1, GGB
Pixel pitch 10 mm (P10), 8 mm (P8), 5 mm (P5), 3 mm (P3), 1,25 mm (P1,25)
Pixel configuration DIP, SMD
Size of module (mm*mm) 320х160, 256х128, 320х320
Pixel density (dots/m2) >10000
Best viewing angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 110(h)x70(v)
White balance brightness (cd/m2) > 2800
AVG power consumption (250 W/m2) from 50
Working temperature – 40С +60 °С
IP grade IP54
Life span (hour) 100000 (10 – 11 years)
Communication mode USB, RS232 or RJ45 or RS484 or WIFI or GPRS or 3G or
Remote control

Features of control and management

The information reproduced as “passing text” is set and adjusted using the specialized software that comes with the equipment and is displayed on the screen using:

  1. USB sticks.
  2. Lan connection (UTP cable 4x2x0.52).
  3. Wi-Fi wireless connection.

Operating conditions and warranty

We work with all areas in Bulgaria and EU countries. We offer a comprehensive affiliate program.

Term for preparation of LED panels with passing texts with sizes up to 1 m2: from 1 day. You can specify the exact terms of production and delivery by contacting our managers.

Warranty of our products – 1 year.

More information about the working conditions, methods of payment and delivery can be found on the page with information about delivery and payment.

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