Electronic clock, clock with thermometer, clock with calendar.​

Designed to display the current time and date sequentially, it allows you to additionally display air temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, background radiation in any combination.

LED boards for transport.

LED board “running text” for buses, taxis, trolleybuses, trucks and cars, TIR. Excellent visibility of ads and advertisements, high reliability, low energy consumption.

LED Dashboard for gas stations.

Quotation board for gas stations.

LED Board for industry.

Industrial meters, dashboards for production indicators, bulletin boards, LED industrial screens.

Sports electronic boards.

LED display for visualization of results from sports competitions.

We have been producing LED screens and boards for more than three years and during this time our engineers have created their own control panels for LED screens (single color and two color P10, P4 RGB) that can be used to display information transmitted by various equipment or received from the Internet.  These developments can be used for industry, transport, sports, customs, security companies and others.

If you need non-standard solutions for displaying information on LED screens, we can offer our services for developing controllers. The control is carried out via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS485, RS232.

Here are some of our developments:

  • car speed display
  • dashboard for starting automatic races with GPS
  • watch with GPS synchronization
  • remote display of water temperature for swimming pools
  • Stop / wait / follow sign for passing vehicles
  • dashboard for cars for toll system
  • clock with factory warning system
  • board for displaying the temperature of the sea water and the current weather in the city
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