UVC-Check Card – checking the working capacity, efficiency and safety of uv-c bactericid devices

UVC-Check Card – A simple and reliable way to check how effective and safe UV-C germicidal devices are working.

It is known that ultraviolet radiation of a certain range with a light wavelength of 240-280 nM (UV-C) has bactericidal and antiviral effect. The indication dye applied to the UVC-Check Card appears under the influence of just such radiation. Just place the card directly into the irradiation area. The brighter the UVC label appears the more intense is the radiation.


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What is UVC-Check Card for?


Recently, many bactericidal devices have appeared on the market. According to manufacturers, they disinfect air or surfaces and kill almost 100% of viruses and bacteria. Usually ultraviolet quartz lamps or LEDs are embed into the device’s body. Verifying the effectiveness of a working device is very easy with the UVC-Check Card. It allows you to find out whether the device actually emits ultraviolet light, which has a disinfecting effect.


Some devices are designed to operate in presence of people, although direct exposure to ultraviolet rays on the skin and eyes can be harmful. Whether such devices are safe for use in presence of people can be determined with the help of UVC-Check Card. Simply hold the card near the part of the device where you think the harmful UVC radiation may come out. The device is safe if no indication dye appears on the card.

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