LED display-informer with sea water and air temperature iP10V6416


Showing exact time, sea water and air temperature in a given city on the sea beach!
Actual size of the plate 700 mm x 200 mm x 60 mm
Resolution 64×16
Optional color (red, white, green, blue, yellow)
For outdoor installation
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LED informer with information about the temperature of the sea water in a given sea town, air, current time. High brightness and performance with extremely low power consumption. Works very easily with wireless remote control and high accuracy.

  • Display information: weather, sea water temperature, air in a given city.
  • Remote control via Wi-Fi.
  • LED color: red, yellow, blue, green or white
  • the exact time is due to the synchronization with the NTP servers for internet time
  • Getting the current air temperature and sea water in your city via the internet

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 6 cm



Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Green



LED color

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