Можете да поръчате и купите електронен часовник, като изпратите заявка по електронна поща или като се обадите на компанията.In recent years, the production of boards for industry based on the individual wishes of customers has been separated into a separate area of ​​the company. The group of production panels includes electronic LED displays based on serial modifications and completely individual products, designed and implemented strictly in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications.
LED production boards can be of different configurations, display digital and symbolic data of different sizes and colors. Electronic boards of this type can be made under different operating conditions. They have a unique set of functional and control mechanisms.


Electronic boards of this type are designed to record the time before the start or end of each process or action. The most typical examples of the use of electronic timers are: the end of construction, the end of the year, the start of a new project, the start of the Olympics, the start of a production line and many others.

Industrial counters can count the time both forward (“Timer” option – direct time reading) and vice versa (“Timer” option, counting the time back).

The countdown can take years, days, minutes and seconds – depending on the client’s requirements and the nature of the project.

These boards do not require special management – only initial installation and start-up is required.


ТАБЛА ЗА ПРОИЗВОДСТВЕНИ ПОКАЗАТЕЛИBoards for production indicators are designed to show information about the efficiency of production, including data on the development of the enterprise as a whole or on individual shifts and / or sites, data on planned indicators, lag in production schedule or ahead of schedule, data on the level of marriage and more information depending on the specifics of the production.


Notification boards (warning signs) are LED information boards with various text inscriptions. MostТАБЛА ЗА ОПОВЕСТЯВАНЕ often these inscription
and have a warning character. The LED signs on the warning signs, unlike the running lines, work in static mode and usually show only 1 sign. In addition, the information on the text display can be switched – from the console or when the display receives a certain signal. Examples of text bulletin boards: “Alarm”, “Accident”, “Enter / exit”, “Beware of the train!”, “Beware of the car!”, “Powder station”, “Accident in the tunnel!” , “Laser work!”, “Attention!”, “Live broadcast”, “High voltage”, etc. These boards are connected to the 220V mains.


LED industrial screens are designed to display various production indicators. Such screens shall be implemented in accordance with individual technical designs, taking into account the necessary operating conditions, size requirements, specificity of the displayed data and control.

The board may display digital, textual or graphical data, including: company name, production indicators (automatic, shift or for a certain period of time), current time, date, weather conditions and other information in accordance with the task set by the customer.

Production screens are made with monochrome or colored LED modules of different sizes.

Structurally, the LED industrial display can be made in different climatic conditions, including for streets or rooms with specific production characteristics, such as high humidity, low or high temperatures, increased air pollution and others.

The production panel based on LED modules is controlled by a program that is developed directly for this screen configuration and customer tasks. RS-485 communication interface or Ethernet. The information data can be entered manually by an authorized specialist or calculated from the production program after a predetermined period of time and automatically “recovered” in the results table. The software is included in the delivery package, it is executed entirely in Russian, accompanied by management instructions.

It is also possible to provide a description of an open universal management protocol – for independent software development by the customer and integration into his own production program.

Advantages of production screens:

  • Extensive options for configuring the dashboard (size, color and nature of the information fields) according to customer requirements
  • Quality components and components from world famous manufacturers
  • There is a convenient management program or a description of an open management protocol
  • Protection of the panel from external climatic and / or industrial influences
  • Contemporary laconic screen design

You can order and buy industrial counters, performance indicators, notice boards, LED industrial screens by sending an e-mail request or by calling the company.

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