The public transport information board is designed to inform passengers about the route and stops. Also, this equipment, if additionally equipped with a clock and temperature sensor, can show other useful information: current time and date, meteorological data, exchange rates, latest news, advertising messages. These structures are used in buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis.

Лед табела за транспорт 32x16, P10V6464t

LED “running text” LEDs for trucks and cars show ads, ads, prices, information about the company and its contacts, as well as other messages. Such dashboards, when placed on the back, can duplicate the car’s lights.

All transport panels are made with increased protection against vibration and moisture, adapted for power supply from the car’s on-board network and can be supplemented with a wired or wireless control panel to select the displayed message. Download information is done from a computer, memory card, or remote, via Wi-Fi or Bluethooth. The software allows you to set the content and the required frequency of content demonstration.

The equipment is extremely reliable and the LEDs provide low energy consumption. The size, color of the screen and the height of the characters can vary.

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