Табло котировки за бензиностанции

Dashboard quotes for gas stations – this is the price for one type of fuel for one side of the stele. For example: for one double-sided stele for 5 types of fuel 10 modules are required (5 for each country). When entering information into the stela, its second side works synchronously.

In each case, it is possible to change the overall dimensions, the color of the LEDs, the color of the background film and the inscriptions and the application of the customer’s logo. It is possible to choose any color of light – yellow, green, blue or white.


Distance-to-read information:

Digital display height Maximum distance for reading information
20 mm 5 meters
38 mm 10 meters
57 mm 20 meters
100 mm 30 meters
130 mm 40 meters
210 mm 80 meters
270 mm 110 meters
350 mm 150 meters
500 mm 200 meters

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