Вирус BARRIER – Ултравиолетов бактерициден въздушен рециркулатор

Ефективна и безопасна дезинфекция на въздуха в салони на превозни средство и в помещения с малка площ в присъствие на хора.

99,9% от вредните бактерии и вируси се убиват с ултравиолетово облъчване.


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Thanks to the built-in fan, air is drawn in and passes through the device body, in which ultraviolet radiation sources with a wavelength of 275-280 nM are installed.
Just a few seconds of exposure to ultraviolet light is required to disinfect the air flow (99.9% of bacteria and viruses) passing through the device.
It takes 5-10 minutes to clean the air in a car or in a small room with a volume of up to 10 cubic meters.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5.3 × 5.3 cm
Supply voltage

DC 12V



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